Friday, October 23, 2009

Eatin Up the Folk Music

So this may come as a shock to many who know me and my undying love for pop music, but in my attempt to blend in with my new surroundings I have started to develop a taste for folk music!!! It all began last week when a guy named John Craigie put on a show for us here and he was one of the funniest performers I've ever seen and actually had really good music. So good in fact that i even signed up for the mailing list and bought one of his cd's that had a song on it called Tacoma(turns out he does a lot of shows in the good ol' Pacific Northwest). He ended the show with a song that wasn't as folksy but we were all dying laughing when we heard it. It's a song thats a compilation of many of the Chuck Norris jokes and while I was apprehensive to hear the song since those jokes were funny like five years ago i actually think it's pretty great and i hope you like it too even though it's a lot better in person...

1 comment:

  1. brotha,

    hope all is well over yonder. walla walla is looking the same as usual. more and more leaves falling and more and more of nothing going on, but other than that things are fine i suppose.

    take care and enjoy your time. i'll see yah for turkey day.