Friday, October 8, 2010

New Blog Title

Well now that my "10 MOnths in AmeriCorps" are over I've decided that it's time for a new title for the blog.
Growing up as a small child in rural Eastern Washington, I spent many a day contemplating the fame I would gain in my adult life. The lights. The cameras. The tabloid covers. But most importantly I spent a lot of time thinking about the name of my future memoirs that my screaming fans would be understandably begging me to release. Early on I had decided upon the name Robsessed for obvious reasons. For one thing it sounds awesome and it's basically my whole name minus the R. Clever right? So you can can imagine my horror the day i get a facebook post from my friend Jess Miller alerting me to the fact that freakin Robert Pattinson must have gained access to my childhood diary labeled 1994 and stolen my title! It's a sick sick world we live in folks. But I've persevered. The show must go on. And so in spite of copy right infringement and the looming possibility of being eaten alive by the Cullen family I have decided to stand my ground and claim what is rightfully mine. Therefore, from this day forward my blog shall be known as: ROBSESSED......... go team Jacob!


  1. Cute, very cute :)

    I own the blog ROBsessed, we get over 1 million page impressions/month. So when I got the google alert this morning I though "great, another one!" . But now I see that you had the name from birth, you parents were wise people :)

    Oh and Jacob smells like a wet dog!


  2. LOL Gozde!! You know I love you and your blog.

    Good luck to you Rob Sesser, sorry RPattz had to piss on your parade, I'm sure he means no harm!

    Look on the bright side, thanks to Google Alerts you may get a whole bunch of lovely lady followers!

    Much happiness,

  3. *I thought

    Damn the no edit option on blogger comments :)

  4. :-0 What have you done? You're gonna be invaded with Robsessers now! {giggle}

    Good luck with the blog!

  5. haha thanks everyone! sorry for the confusion :) It's nice to know there are so many devoted Robsessed fans lol It's a worthwhile obsession to have.